Crop Insurance

What is Crop Insurance?

When you're in the agricultural business, you realize the risks involved with running your farm.  One of those risks involves the weather.  Crop insurance protects against loss of your crops brought on by natural disasters - whether that be hail, drought, floods or the loss of revenue brought on by the declines of prices of agricultural commodities.

Types of Crop Insurance:

  • Crop-Hail Insurance - protects local crops of corn, soybeans and oats from damage caused by hail or fire while they are still in the field.  Premium is based on which county the crop is located in
  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) - Is the most common form of Federal Crop Insurance. It protects against crop yield losses by allowing participating producers to insure a certain percentage of historical crop production (APH). We often add the Revenue Protection (RP) option to the MPCI policy. This gives you protection not only for yield loss, but the decline in price protection as well. The guarantee is determined each spring by your farms APH and the established spring price of the crop. Use this tool in your farming operation to guarantee yourself a “revenue per acre”.
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